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Title - Native American Deeds
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Introduction Narrative
 image of trading with an Indian    




As part of this project, the original recordings and rewritten records (copied and certified as true records from deteriorating documents in 1855) at the Registry of Deeds were scanned and digitally cleaned (only as necessary for legibility purposes) and have been matched up with the cited Sidney Perley’s typewritten translations.  Those deeds not originally translated by Perley, were done in house.  From the Home Page these documents can be searched by town.

Historical maps were also scanned and formatted to fit the document.  Other GIS generated maps were created to illustrate spatial relationships between tribes, locations of villages or events, Indian trails and migration patterns, general locations of archeological finds and changes in occupancy over time. Full-page maps are offered whenever possible to provide the greatest detail over a large area.  Earlier maps of New England, done by Europeans, create the earliest geographic context New England Mass Bay Colony and Essex County.

Graphics have been selected from a variety of referenced source materials and strategically placed to help teach or clarify selected topics relating to political statements or Indian lifestyles.