Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds
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I am very excited to have the opportunity to share some of the most historically significant documents ever recorded in Essex County. We refer to them as the "Native American Deeds Collection". They link us to the days when the Native American Indians traveled and lived on this land. We are very fortunate to have this collection of ancient land transfers which are the only "evidence" we have of the interaction between two conflicting cultures in the 17th Century. These records document that every town in Essex County has a Native American heritage. This project presents each deed town by town, using fascimilies of "as recorded" deeds and printed text. It is a fascinating story about property rights, but simultaneously, it brings the Massachusetts Bay Colony and its most politically influential county into focus and describes how the first American nation was replaced by another.                      
-excert from a letter from Register of Deeds, John L. O'Brien